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Hard Work Designer

The artwork need to be check by the designer once we get your requirements and reference picture. Our designer will check if the metal line are too small, normally 0.1mm is minimal of the metal lines. You may notice that most badge design are simple but good look. Especially when the order QTY is large, the badge design is especially important, because if the color is too complex, that will cause much more additional labor work and also will cause long time turn out time. Our professional designer will give you the best suggestion and finish the artwork for your approval before starting mold. Currently we use Coreldraw and Illustrator software to design the badge artwork, and it is curve artwork, so if you have the CDR or AI file, please do sent it to the designer, that will save much time for the designer to propose the draft. And will hurry the total time of the process. If you have no curve artwork, just sent JPG file to us, it will work also, but the JPG file need to be with high resolution, 500KB file is enough, but the JPG file also need to be clear, especially the small parts, the designer will copy the JPG file and turn to curve file. About the colors in the badges, I want to inform you that, each different color was separated by the metal borders, and the metal borders need to bigger than 0.1mm, as I said before. After stamping, there are many recess parts to be filled with enamel color. And soft enamel and imitation soft enamel are refer to Panton Chart to confirm the color and avoid the color tolerance.

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